Analyze Air

Detect, identify, and locate RF interference in 802.11 WLANs.

At a Glance
  • RF spectrum analysis for troubleshooting and optimizing 802.11a/b/g WLANs.
  • Real-time device detection and identification.
  • Device Finder that pinpoints the location of interfering devices.
  • Designed for IT network professionals who need answers, not just data.
  • Affordable, portable solution for use on a laptop/tablet PC or on the OptiView™ Integrated Network Analyzer.
  • Real-time spectrum analysis wherever you need it.

Product Capabilities

AnalyzeAir software provides IT network professionals with the vision they need into the hidden world of RF, providing them with the ability to see the spectrum in a visible and intelligible format.  AnalyzeAir software lets you see, monitor, analyze, and manage all the RF sources and wireless devices that influence your Wi-Fi network’s performance and security, even if those devices are unauthorized or transient.

AnalyzeAir software takes the cost and complexity out of spectrum analysis.

Unlike single-function RF analyzers or expensive tools that provide RF information without device identification and location, AnalyzeAir provides an easy to understand, fast-start solution allowing users to quickly resolve RF problems that prevent WLAN connectivity and impact performance.