autoVOIP is part of Codima’s VOIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting Toolbox which includes: (autoVOIP™, autoPinger™, autoAnalyzer™, autoVoIP™ Simulator)

At a Glance

  • Troubleshooting Grid - provides a single point to view phone status in real time, track errors, registration problems and view QoS SLAs.
  • Response Code/Error Analysis - identifies if error is serious or if it can be safely ignored.
  • Phone Software Analysis - isolates problems to specific phone types and software versions.
  • Registration Analysis - identifies why Registrations are failing and establishes if the failures are persistent or intermittent.
  • Automated Correlation Engine (ACE) - pin points the root cause of problems
  • QoS tracking - tracks call quality and calculates MOS and R values
  • Real time plain text Call Analyzer with graded levels of event information - isolates call set up issues
  • SQL Call Logging - automatic call logging stores the call information directly to a SQL database and provides a simple interface to filter and display the long term call information
  • Pinger using Alarm sound patterns to provide an instant warning to a network manager, eliminating the need to watch a pinger console or read alarm reports