Application Performance

A type of job or problem that lends itself to processing or solution by computer.


Application Performance

The old adage that 80% of application problems originate between the keyboard and the chair is certainly still relevant but dealing with the additional 20% has never been so important. Business is driving IT operations management to become increasingly application-centric, while at the same time, applications are becoming more and more difficult to manage.

Symbiote, in conjunction with its partners takes a holistic approach to application management which incorporates 4 key elements of any application delivery mechanism:

The Application

Understanding the application and the way users interact with it is critical in interpreting the demands that this can place on the resources available to deliver it.

The Servers

True ‘end to end’ transaction analysis is impossible unless you have full visibility of not only the application server itself- but also any additional servers- like databases and DNS.

The Network

Knowing if your network link is up or down just doesn’t cut it anymore. True application performance monitoring requires a detailed analysis of not only availablility but also usability- so monitoring response time, latency etc is key.

The User

All users are created equal, some are just more stupid than others. Keeping track of network usage whether it's for support, security or compliance purposes is one of the key tasks faced by IT departments today.

Relevant products:
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