With its many capabilities autoMap™ is at the forefront in IT asset management helping network managers run their IT networks cost efficiently.

autoMap™ creates topology drawings directly with Visio®, visualizing any IT network. With Visio® being part of Microsoft® Office, the software is often already installed by end users, hence integrating autoMap™ is simple.

Visualizing IT assets is key to successful network support and design. An agent less solution, autoMap™ utilizes information already available from devices and processes on the network. The discovery run by Codima Discovery Engine™ identifies and reports on managed and unmanaged devices installed.

Easy to use, configure and deploy, the network inventory tool quickly reduces installation, training and administration costs.

Budgeting, decision-making and analysis are other areas where autoMap™ is effective. Complex information can be shared and presented to others facilitating business processes as topology drawings and extensive information can be viewed on web pages.

The Historical Change Facility provides an automated inventory that highlights changes that have occurred on the network between discovery runs, a helpful feature to control IT assets.

Identifying unmanaged IT assets enhances security management and autoMap™ also integrates with Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Connector for the Microsoft® Baseline Security Analyzer.

Auditors and administrators facing today’s increasing legal requirements and need for network compliance can rely on autoMap™ for assistance. Leveraging automated network inventory, autoMap™ provides IT asset information that is easy to access and understand.

By adding Multi Site Scheduler, a network manager can set up scheduling operation from a central point and automate discovery runs across multiple sites. Organizations can stay up to date, identifying assets and producing network topology drawings automatically on a regular basis for multiple networks in different locations.

Flexible and scalable, the multi-vendor network inventory solution is applicable to small, medium and large organizations, as well as service providers and system integrators.

autoMap™ can be deployed as stand alone or with other tools from Codima Toolbox.