Network Performance

A system containing any combination of computer systems interconnected by datacommunication equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information.


Network Performance

Today network management is not just about knowing whether your network link is up or down. Users are now more IT savy and CEO’s a lot more demanding- so the complexity of todays networks makes management a much more sophisticated affair.

Network Management now takes into account areas such as bandwidth utilisation, latency and response times- alongside the establishment of user, site or geographically focussed thresholds and alarms. More complex network environments mean the potential for connectivity and performance problems is high and the source of these problems is often elusive. To address this, Symbiote have amassed a broad portfolio of products designed to cover all areas of network performance management.

Relevant products:

  • NetFlow Tracker
  • Codima autoMonitor
  • EEMLive
  • MacAuditor