1. Having no wire. 2. Nothing or pertaining to any of various devices that are operated with or actuated by electromagnetic waves.



Wireless networks have become the ‘sticking plasters’ of the networked world, we throw them in to fill a gap or patch a hole in our coverage often without truly understanding how they will be used, by whom and for what?

The recent advances in wireless technology provided by the 802.11n Standard (catchy name eh!) have pushed most forward thinking IT teams into developing Wireless Roadmaps for their organizations. These roadmaps are dictated by the business requirements related to their enterprises strategic initiatives and objectives.

What should you consider when putting together this roadmap?

It is critical to understand your wireless coverage requirements for data services. Your capacity requirements must be understood; where are your employees located and how are they organised? Any environmental or technical factors that have an effect on, or impact, your wireless or radio frequency and spectrum must be analysed, and any issues identified and mitigated before deploying a wireless network.

Relevant products:
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